MBH Analytical Ltd


Our in-house team of experts are always on-hand to help guide you through the process of finding exactly the material you need, but our service doesn’t stop there.

Just tell us what you are looking for and we will do our best to find a suitable material through our extensive reference materials records and contacts. If you can tell us the base material (Iron, Nickel, etc.) and the key elements you want and at what level of concentration, we can search for a close match. Alternatively try our own Product Search.

Our in-house team of experts are always on-

For advice about the use and performance of your reference materials on your spectrometer, we recommend that you talk with the manufacturer in the first instance – as they will be better informed regarding the capabilities and characteristics of their machines.

We endeavour to maintain contacts with all the major manufacturers and supply many of our materials to them for their own use in building up the calibration of their spectrometers.