MBH Analytical Ltd. offer a wide range of Certified Reference Materials and Standards for Spectrochemical and Spectroscopic analysis of Metals and related materials.

In the MBH catalogues which can be found here on our website you will find many interesting reference materials produced by MBH and other producers around the world.


About Us

MBH Analytical Limited have been supplying Reference Materials for spectrochemical analysis for over 30 years, and materials manufactured and supplied by MBH can be found in metallurgical and analytical laboratories all over the world.

Since its formation MBH has grown to become one of the worlds major suppliers, helping industry meet the requirements of modern quality systems and instrument calibrations.

Our Products

In the main catalogue we list over 800 materials produced by MBH in solid or chippings form, together with many more materials sourced from producers around the world.

There is also a catalogue devoted exclusively to the materials produced by MBH. This catalogue is regularly updated so here you will find the very latest information about our range of MBH Certified Reference Materials.

An MBH catalogue devoted exclusively to Liquid Elemental Spectroscopy is now available. This comprehensive catalogue includes aqueous and organo-metallic reference solutions, glassware and accessories for ICP and ICP-MS instruments.